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Project Wee Care

If you would be interested in helping with Project Wee Care please contact Jennifer Ensz at or Paula Teetor at

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Project Wee Care was formed to provide food, clothing and gifts for families in the area who for whatever reason may not have a Merry Christmas. Each year we partner with the Millard Business Association members, area Millard Public School Staff and Students, and Area Residents to help these families. This year our dedicated volunteers have set their goal to grow our program once again and we have set a new record as we will reach more than 1,300 people from 300 families by providing gifts of needed clothing plus food and personal hygiene supplies during the holiday break. We want to thank countless numbers of businesses, individuals and schools for their donations, volunteer time and generosity in providing us space to use as our North Pole each year as a distribution site for the families that we support.

The last Holiday Season we helped 302 area families that totaled over 1,253 people by providing them with food, clothing and necessary supplies for 2 weeks. We also made sure that each child had new warm clothing that they needed. To date, we have touched the lives of over 10,500 of our neighbors when they needed us most.

Project Wee Care Making a Difference

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