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Project Wee Care is held at unoccupied retail space in the Millard Community. The Millard Business Community Foundation partners with and communicates with area businesses, each of the 35 Millard Public schools, and residents in our community to let them know about the growing needs to serve and support students and families in the Millard Public School district.

Because of our Paybac partnership with the Millard Public Schools, the Millard Business Community Foundation is able to advertise and promote Project Wee Care to Millard Public School families. Meetings are held with the school counselors to identify families that are eligible for service and support through Project Wee Care. A Project Wee Care Committee meets regularly to plan the event and coordinate fundraising activities.

We had more than 150 volunteers on our distribution day who greeted families and loaded their vehicles with boxes of enough perishable and nonperishable food to carry them through at least a two-week period during the school holiday break. Boxes were filled with food items including: turkeys, hams, packages of ground beef, cheese, bags of potatoes, apples, oranges, canned vegetables and fruit and an assortment of other canned goods, cereal, pasta, peanut butter, jelly, and bread. Packages of toilet paper, boxes of kleenex, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, combs, bottles of shampoo and many other hygiene items were supplied. All of these items were donated through drives conducted by student organizations and groups in the Millard Public Schools; by Millard business owners at their offices; and by residents and civic organizations in the Millard community.

Please enjoy our photo gallery below to see our volunteers in action and take a virtual tour of our Project Wee Care site - or as we affectionately call it - "the North Pole."

Project Wee Care's impact in 2018

It takes a lot of volunteers to make this special day happen! We are so thankful to all of those who volunteer their time and energy to PWC.

Volunteers spend several weeks helping us sort food, clothing, school supplies and sundries.

Families receive boxes of non-perishables on distribution day.

Preparing perishable food items for Project Wee Care families. This included ground beef, turkey, potatoes, apples, cheese and bread.

Our outdoor crew of volunteers waiting to start loading the families cars.

Family sponsors provide some gifts of needed items to the children in the families.

Winter coats, hats and mittens from local drives are also distributed.

It takes teamwork to move the supplies from the distribution point to the families vehicles.

Some of our happy volunteers!

Much needed sundries are provided thanks to volunteers who hold drives or collections for Project Wee Care.

Volunteers wrap the gifts provided by the family sponsors prior to distribution day.

Volunteers on distribution day!

Volunteers on distribution day!

Volunteers on distribution day!

Volunteers on distribution day!

Volunteers on distribution day!

Santa ready to visit with children about what they want for Christmas. Each child has the opportunity to tell Santa what he or she wants for Christmas and receive a candy cane. Family photos are taken and given to each Project Wee Care family. Thank you Millard Public Schools Superintendent Jim Sutfin (pictured at far left) for your support and partnership with us!

Carrying food boxes to the cars.

It takes a queen to distribute all the toilet paper collected!

North pole worker bees.

Loading up the family car!